Careers information, advice and guidance (IAG) at Eggbuckland Community College is coordinated through The Lighthouse in The Michael Caddy Centre.
The Lighthouse is a dedicated resource where all students can access careers information via staff, computers and the College Careers South West Personal Advisers.

Please pop into the Lighthouse to find out more or email, telephone number 01752 720086
Careerpilot website for young people and parents provides information on all the choices at 14, 16 & 18 and much more……
Next Steps SW website providing all the information you need to know about Higher Education
Careers News
UCAS Convention – Blog Post
By Holly Peters

The UCAS fair may not initially strike you as the most entertaining way to spend a day. 

Being met with the buzzing atmosphere built through the cacophony of sounds, a stretching market of universities and waves of people meandering up and down the isles is strange. 

Around you are universities you’ve never heard of, in places you didn’t even know existed - all of which reminding you there is an important decision that needs to be made and it isn’t as far away as it originally seemed. 

For some it is enlightening and the jigsaw pieces all harmoniously fit together, whilst for others it ignites an underlying stress. 

University is daunting. It can be toe-curling to think about, but all the necessary information is provided and at your disposal throughout that day to unscramble your mind and enable you to consider the options applicable to you. Talks are run over the course of the convention, focussing on topics such as student life, finance, applying to Oxbridge, as well as specific advice regarding career paths like nursing and business. There are also representatives of each university who are prepared and willing to answer any question you have, so ask them!

Personally, I found some of the most useful aspects of the day being that as essentially all the universities were in such close proximity to one another, us students were granted the ability to wander between stands and directly compare and contrast what each one offered. An appreciated insight was gained from this as I quickly learned what I wanted from a university regarding course structure, destination, type of campus and so much else, which I feel may be lost from university specific open days. But, the open days you choose to attend can be filtered from your time at UCAS and which universities appeal to you most.

The convention is a valuable experience in assisting you to decide which university or whether university at all is right for you. Immersing yourself in the UCAS fair, through speaking to the enthusiastic undergraduates and collecting and comparing prospectuses, allows informed and personal possibilities to emerge on the horizon. Not to mention the abundance of free pens and fabric bags you can return with… 

South West Skills Show 

45 Year 10 students attended the South West Skills Show at Plymouth Pavilions, this was a great opportunity to research employers, training providers, colleges & Higher Education establishment to help make informed decisions about future Post 16 destinations. 

 Students participated in hands-on activities including bricklaying, paint-spraying, wiring a socket, hairdressing as well as talking to universities and colleges about the wealth of opportunities they offer.
Aspirations Challenge Day  

Huge thank you to the employers who kindly supported this year’s Aspirations Challenge day, these include South West Highways, Land Registry, Babcock, Marjons, University of West of England (UWE), Duchy College, Plymouth University, UCFB Wembley, Next Steps South West & Google
National Careers & Apprenticeship Week

During National Careers & Apprenticeship week we were delighted to host a range of employers and training providers in College to share information advice & guidance about their employment sector with students.

Students heard from:

Focus Training – Training Provider specialising in Electrical & Plumbing apprenticeships as well as Business & Admin, Customer Service, Retail & Warehousing

Building Plymouth & South West Highways –Promoting the wealth of apprenticeship opportunities currently available within the construction sector in Plymouth

Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust & Plymouth City Council Social Work Team – Informing students on the vast range of opportunities within the healthcare sector as well as the skills and qualifications required for these jobs.
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