Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Key Stage 3 Curriculum : Year 7 and 8

We are proud to offer our learners an exciting, innovative and inspiring curriculum that students enjoy. We have a history of typically outstanding results at Key Stage 4 which strongly suggests we prepare students well for this success at Key Stage 3.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, designed to meet to the needs and motivations of all our learners. We aim to keep classes small.

In English and Mathematics the average class size is in the low 20s. Teachers know students well, can set tasks of the appropriate challenge and reward work on a personal level more effectively. Students and staff value this more personalised contact. As with all outstanding schools, we offer an exciting range of leadership and enrichment activities that challenge and inspire students of all abilities and interests.

Choices for Key Stage 4 are made in Year 8.  

Our curriculum structure and allocated hours are below.

English (3 hours per week)
Mathematics (3 hours per week)
Science (3 hours per week)
Music (1 hour per week)
Art and Design (1 hour per week)
ICT ( 1 hour per week)
Drama ( 1 hour per week)
Technology (2 hours per week)
French and/or Spanish (2 hours per week)
History (2 hours per week)
Geography (2 hours per week)
Physical Education (2 hours per week)
Preparation for Life (P4L) (2 hours per week)  
For more information please click here for our KS4 Subject Sheets and Options Booklet.
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