Our Houses

We recognise that effective communication between College and home supports our students to achieve to their full potential and helps them develop into successful, confident and happy individuals.

Pivotal to this is our vertical House system in which all students in Years 7 to 11 belong to one of six Houses, named after local beaches: Bantham, Cawsand, Edcumbe, Heybrook, Kingsand and Wembury. Each House is led by a Pastoral Leader.  
House Pastoral Leader  

Bantham -     Cherise Riley  
Cawsand  -    Voirrey Kinrade   
Edgcumbe Stuart Pearce  
Heybrook -    Emilie Lourdelet  
Kingsand -     Matthew Nicholas   
Wembury -    Nick Swain  

Within their House, students are members of a small, mixed age Tutor Group of 18-23 young people. Tutors meet with their Tutees every morning and get to know them extremely well. As such, they are the first point of contact and are available to meet with parents, by appointment, throughout the year, as well as on Review Days.
The House system fosters a nurturing environment, enabling friendships and encouraging support across year groups, as well as instilling pride and an element of healthy competition!
We believe that students should be praised as much as possible for everything they do well, whether it’s for their attitude and effort or behaviour and achievement. In addition, positive actions are rewarded with House points that contribute to their own tally as well as that of their House. 
House and individual prizes are awarded throughout the year and include ‘fast passes’ to The Boardwalk (our College canteen), rides on a surf simulator, BBQs, the opportunity to participate in water-based activities and visits to their House Beach.
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